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  • Ages 5-7, 7-10 (60 Minutes): $120/Monthly (Prorated from your start date)

  • Ages 10+, 13+ (90 Minutes): 140/Monthly (Prorated from your start date)


  • Ages 5-7, 7-10 (60 Minutes): $35*
  • Ages 10+, 13+, Adult (90 minutes): $40*

*When you choose to join, your trial amount would be deducted from your prorated class charge 

Class offerings

Parkour Basics

Parkour Basics teaches fundamental jumps, vaults, rolls and other basic elements to build a technically correct and solid foundation.
No prerequisite required; Age groups: 5 - 7, 7 - 10, 10+, ADULT 

Pk & freerunning I

PK & Freerunning I is for Traceurs who have graduated from Parkour Basics. Students take their foundational skills and utilize them to fluidly move around the courses. 
Age groups: 7-10, 10+, 13+

Pk & Freerunning II

PK & Freerunning II is an invitation-only class for Traceurs who have graduated from PK and Freerunning I. Age groups: 10+, 13+

Breakin' Basics 

Breakin' Basics covers the foundations of movement through dance skills including basic footwork, Toprock (standing footwork), power moves and freezes. Once participants have achieved basic mastery of foundational skills, they will be given the opportunity to put them to practical use and participate in dance circles and battles where they can showcase their skills amongst friends. Breakin/Bboying helps to foster a healthy, competitive atmosphere while demonstrating a sense of individuality and teamwork.    



Students may only wear indoor (never been worn outside) parkour shoes; the alternative is bare feet (which must be cleaned with the wipes provided by the gym).

TOP: T-shirts, tank tops (no bare mid-drifts), or other sports shirts.

BOTTOM: sweatpants, shorts, yoga pants or leggings (no jeans or pants with zippers, buckles or belts). 


All shoes used in BOLT must be indoor, never-been-worn-outside parkour or athletic shoes. While bare feet are acceptable on the trampolines and developmental equipment, we suggested that shoes be worn for use on the wood blocks and metal railings. Below you will find links to buy recommended footwear. 



BOLT takes safety very seriously. Parkour and Freerunning require focus, control and mastery of fundamental movements to prevent injuries and reduce risk. We strongly believe that any student can quickly achieve these skills.

While anyone can enroll in Parkour Basics (students must be recommended for Parkour I), we reserve the right to...

  • Recommend that a student move to a different class because of the age or maturity of other students in the class.
  • Recommend that a student take precursor Agility classes to improve basic skills, coordination and/or behavior.
  • Remove any student from any class if the instructor believes it to be in the best interest of the student and/or class.


BOLT bills on the first of every month. We do not require contract, but expect our customers to set an end date (to the LAST day of the month) when they wish to end classes. We are NOT responsible for withdrawing students from classes. For step-by-step withdrawal instructions, click below.


We are eager to work with any student who wants to graduate into the highest levels of parkour. As always, we are happy to create classes for groups of 3 or more students contingent on staff availability. Please contact us with any questions or requests for how to best help meet every students' goals.

Got questions?

For questions about pro-rating, auto-billing, going on HOLD, transferring classes and scheduling make-up classes, click below.