Parkour Competitions

Bolt Academy is excited to announce the kick off of our Parkour Competitions on the Saturday, every month! Athletes ages 7 up to and including adults will have the chance to show off their parkour skills while testing their strength, speed, and acrobatic abilities on three events: Speed Course, Set-Course and freestyle course (see details on each event, below).  The fastest time with the least deductions will earn the most points! 

competition DATES

Next competition:  Saturday, August 26th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm (All age groups will compete simultaneously and rotate through each event)

Future competitions: September 30th, October 28th, (Cancelled in November for Thanksgiving), December 30th

entry fee


BONUS: $5 discount for students currently enrolled in ANY Dynamite gym (Bolt Parkour and Freerunning Academy, Dynamite Gymnastics Center, Dynamite Tumbling & Cheer, The Agility Center) at competition time!



Competition schedule


Ages 13-16

5:30p-6 Stretching/prep

6p-6:30p Speed Course (Wooden block area)

6:30p-7p Freestyle Event (Wooden block/Bars) 

7:05p-7:30p Challenge Court 

7:30p-8p Set Course Event (Wooden block area)


Ages 7-9

Exclusively on the foam blocks): 

5:30-6 Stretching/Prep

5:00 - 5:30 speed

5:30 - 6:00 set

6:05 - 7:30 Freestyle

7:30 - 8:00 Challenge Court (Spring Floor)

Ages 17+ 

5:30p-6p Stretching/prep 

6p-6:30p Freestyle Event (Wooden Block area)

6:30-7p Challenge Court  (Spring Floor)

7:05-7:30p Set Course (Wooden block area)

7:30p-8p Speed Course (Wooden Block area)

Ages 10-12

6:00-6:30p Set Course Event (Wooden block area)

6:30p-7p Speed Course Event( Wooden block area)

7p-7:30p Freestyle Event (Wooden block/ Bars)

7:30p-8p Competition Court (Spring floor)


Speed Course

Ready to compete? Use your vaults, climb ups and jumps to navigate the obstacle course as fast as humanly possible. This course has no designated path and is ultimately judged by your final time. Don't slow down, time is on your tail!

*Be sure to look at the penalties list to avoid any deductions!


Set Course

You have one route, how will you choose to navigate it! This course has marked checkpoints, which all participants will be required to adhere to. Each participant may use the skill-set of their liking to reach his/her endpoint with the least amount of deductions. 

Judges may require passport skills during your run, which would require the completion of a specific skill(s)in designated area(s), during your run. 

*Be sure to look at the penalties list to avoid any deductions!


Freestyle Course

This is the chance to show off your creativity and personal style as you vault, roll, spin, flip and slide across the obstacles. There are no designated pathways for this event and participants are free to choose the skills of their liking.

The objective is to be as creative and fluid as possible, while maintaining skill accuracy. 


Challenge Court 




This event offers participants new, skill oriented challenges, each month. From Precision and dive roll contests to Kong Vault competitions and so much more! Participants will be given the opportunity to push their skills to the limit while having fun in this ever-changing event.