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Bolt is all about teaching kids of all ages and levels the fundamentals of parkour, paving the way for success in the sport. Classes at Bolt are arranged by age and are limited to a 8:1 student-teacher ratio. All ages warm up together for 5 minutes, break out into their designated classes, then come back together for a 5 minute cool down. 

We are happy to open classes for 3 or more students. Send an email request to hello@boltparkour.com.


  • Click on Class Schedule & Registration link above

  • Create an account

  • Add student(s)

  • Add class (select Active for on-going registrations or Trial* for trials or drop-ins)

  • Add payment information

  • Be sure to check the MANAGE ACCOUNT in the sidebar to learn about our policies regarding enrolling and dropping classes. By registering, you agree to our terms and conditions.


Students can register at any time; tuition will be prorated. 

Pick a class to attend once a week. Miss a class? No worries! Let us know you will miss class and use your makeup for class, camp, open gym or events—as long as you are continuously enrolled.

Ages 5 - 7 or 7 - 10: $130/monthly (60 minutes)

Ages 10+ or 13+: $ 155/monthly (90 minutes)

*Trial/Drop-in Pricing for Kids: $35 for 60-minute classes or $40 for 90-minute classes
for Adults: $35 for 60-minute classes or $40 for 90-minute classes





This class is perfect for students who are interested in learning foundational vaulting, swinging, jumping, rolling and climbing skills. Participants of all levels will learn the basics from terminology and protective maneuvers, to balance training and strength.

Bolt has a developmental area that includes padded floors, blocks and mats. Soft equipment coupled with trained instructors creates an environment where any student, regardless of age or athleticism, can develop skills with confidence.

No prerequisite required; Age groups: 5 - 7, 7 - 10, 10+, 13+



Parkour & Freerunning I (PK & FR I) is an invitation-only class for traceurs who have graduated from Parkour Basics.

This class applies foundational skills to sequential expressive movements. Students fluidly move around the courses by incorporating jumps, vaults, climbs and bar skills to navigate across obstacles while attempting to add height, distance and speed. For safety reasons, instructors reserve the right to require students to acquire additional skills in Parkour Basics before returning to Parkour I.

Age groups:  10+, 13+ (younger age groups coming soon)



PK & FR II is an invitation-only class for traceurs who have graduated from PK & FR I. Participants are guided and encouraged to level up their skill set while applying their previous knowledge of the sport to safely navigate the wooden blocks and metal rails. The majority of this class takes place on non-carpeted surfaces to simulate direct carryover to the outdoor environment.

Instructor permission is required for this class and instructors reserve the right to require students to acquire additional skills in PK & FR I before returning to PK & FR II.

Age groups: 10+, 13+




Why should kids have all the fun? Get in shape the functional fitness way! Use your body to move in ways you thought you never could. Our class will gently ease you into jumping, vaulting, climbing and swinging.

It’s all about progressions! Learn fundamental movements that lead to more advanced skills, develop strength and flexibility, and regain agility and fluidity in your movement.

Ages: 18+


We recognize the importance of socialization and making friends, which is why we divide our classes by age and then by level. Our instructors are trained to help students of any ability learn at their own pace.  Check out class availability by clicking on the age span of your student. 


  • Our open enrollment invites students to enroll at any time.

  • Pick one class to attend at the same time every week (if you miss, do a makeup*)

  • Tuition is prorated for the remaining classes of your first month.

  • Tuition is auto-billed on the first of every month thereafter.

  • End enrollment on the last day of any month by setting an end date at least 48 hours before the last day; send an email to hello@boltparkour.com confirming the request.

  • If you don't see the class day and time you are looking for, let us know. If we have the staff and gym availability, we are happy to create a class for 3 or more students.

*Bolt offers unlimited makeups so long as the athlete is continuously enrolled.