Parents are responsible for ending enrollment. We bill monthly for the entire month, so set your child's end date the last day of the month. If your child will not be attending all of the classes in his/her last month, be sure to use the makeups you will accrue up through the end of your final month before you end enrollment. All makeups are forfeited on the end date. (If you prefer to go on HOLD, go to TRANSFER.)

  1. Log into the Parent Portal
  2. Click on "Enrollments" in the side bar
  3. Click on "View Enrollment" next to the class you would like to set an end date for
  4. Click on DROP
  5. Fill in date under "Requested Last Day of Enrollment" field (MUST be set for the last day of the month; Bolt does not prorate for early drops)
  6. Click on "Request Drop"
  7. You will get an email confirming your drop request. 
  8. Send an email to with DROP DATE REQUEST and your student's name in the subject line. Please include the requested drop date (last day in any given month).

Calls to the gym ARE NOT sufficient to drop a class.

Parents MUST request drops via the PARENT PORTAL and send an email so we can check our system to make sure your student was successfully dropped. Alternatively, you may send an email requesting that we drop the class for youProvide AT LEAST two business days for processing.