For campers ages 6 & up only. During the morning, campers can choose from Artistic or Trampoline & Tumbling gymnastics at Dynamite Gymnastic Center or enjoy Ninja Warrior training at The Agility Center.  In the afternoon, campers will learn parkour skills in the afternoon!  MIX-IT-UP camp runs June 10th - August 9th.


We are offering MIX-IT-UP camps (meaning, the morning at either Dynamite Gymnastics Center or The Agility Center, and the afternoon at Bolt). MIX-IT-UP camp registrations are available on the website of the morning camp option (for example, if you choose morning camp at The Agility Center, please register on The Agility Center website).

WEEKLY ONLY: June 10th - August 9th (Daily camp not offered)

OPTIONS: Full-day (FD), and early drop-off (ED) and/or late pick-up (LP).


FD: 8:30am - 4:30pm*

ED: 8:00 - 8:30/8:45am

LP: 4:30 - 6:00pm**

*Please remember to pick your student up promptly at the location of their afternoon activity. At 4:35pm, campers will be escorted to The Agility Center for aftercare and parents will be charged $1/minute or $20/day for late pick-up, whichever is lower. 

**Please arrange to pick your camper up anytime after 4:35pm at The Agility Center. Parents arriving after 6:00pm will be charged a late fee of $1/minute.


MIX-IT-UP invites your athlete to choose an AM activity at Dynamite or The Agility Center, and spend the afternoon at Bolt. To safely track our students, we ask that you register at the AM gym. 


MIX-IT-UP Camp is only offered by the week and only for full day, until August 9th. There is no Mix-It-Up Camp during premium weeks of August 12th - 30th. Early drop-off and late pick-up can be added for an additionally weekly fee.

Regular/Early bird*/Multi-week**/Early bird + Multi-week

FD***: $409 / $355 / $330 / $285

ED: $25 / $25 / $25 / $25

LP: $50 / $50 / $50 / $50

*Early bird ends on March 31, 2019

**3 or more weeks PER CAMPER (do not have to be sequential)

**Cost is reflective of additional administrative costs and the need for staffing to safely move campers between gyms.