Parkour Competitions

Bring friends and family watch you traverse the courses and demonstrate your agility, strength and fluidity! 




Ready to compete? Use your vaults, climb ups and jumps to navigate the obstacle course as fast as humanly possible. This course has no designated path and is ultimately judged by your final time. Don’t slow down, time is on your tail!



This course has marked checkpoints that are required for all participants. You may use the skill-set of your liking to reach your endpoint with the least amount of deductions. Judges may require passport skills during your run, which would require the completion of one or more specific skills in designated areas.



This is the chance to show off your creativity and personal style as you vault, roll, spin, flip and slide across the obstacles. There are no designated pathways for this event and you are free to choose your favorite skills to demonstrate. The objective is to be as creative and fluid as possible while maintaining skill accuracy.



Test your skills! Teams of two will navigate the floor with obstacles in this high-speed event. Each team alternates being “it” and must keep from being tagged for 20 seconds. The winning players move on to compete against a new team. You’ll be asked to push your skills to the limit in this fun and competitive challenge!