PIZZA: Cheese or pepperoni: $13/each

We love pizza as much as the next guy! Order as much as you'd like, but unfortunately, we cannot offer pizza at our 10am parties—our pizza makers just don’t believe in pizza for breakfast. Yeah, we can't believe it either! 

If you prefer to order your own pizza, feel free! Just let us know the day of the party. 

EXTRA GUESTS: $20/each

The more, the merrier! We understand that some party guests just can't be left out! We're happy to accommodate extra guests for an additional fee. For safety reasons, we require an 8:1 participant-to-staff ratio. If you intend to exceed this ratio, please let us at least two weeks in advance so we can add staff.

EXTRA STAFF and MOTION EDUCATION STAFF:  $60/per staff member (during hour in the gym)

We strongly believe that all birthday kids are entitled to a super special birthday celebration. We're happy to provide our specially-trained staff for any birthday child or guest(s) who requires special support. Please provide ample notice as Motion coaches are in high demand and not always available. 

QUESTIONS: Send inquiries to