Similar to ongoing classes, trials and drop-ins can be set up online via the Parent Portal. Requests for trials and drop-ins must be approved as we do not run classes in which no other students are enrolled or when we know students will not be attending that day. Please be sure you receive an email confirmation before you show up. If you have questions about your request, please call 301.770.2727.

After you set up the class, please contact the gym to process your payment (see pricing below) to complete the registration. 

Trials and drop-ins take up spots in classes and the likelihood of filling that spot diminishes with time. If you cannot attend a scheduled trial or drop-in, please email at least 48 hours prior to the class. Phone call cancellations will not be accepted. Bolt does NOT provide refunds for trials or makeups cancelled within 48 hours of class. In emergency situations and on a case-by-case basis, we may reschedule your trial or provide a credit. Outside of 48 hours, we are happy to reschedule your trial or drop-in.


KIDS : 60-minute class = $35 and 90-minute class = $40
ADULTS : 60-minute class = $35 and 90-minute class = $40