Birthday parties. Every child dreams of celebrating his or her special day while parents want to make it super special and memorable. 

Let BOLT help you create a special experience for your birthday kid! Our birthday parties are famous for ensuring the kids have a blast and the parents get to relax and actually enjoy the fun. Really, it’s a piece of cake. 



Looking for a fun, unique place for your next party? All kids will have a great time at BOLT because we tailor every party to the ages (6 and up is recommended) and abilities of our guests.

No experience? No problem! We have super bouncy surfaces, soft surfaces to learn basic skills, and lots of squishy mats and blocks to create super awesome obstacle courses and relay races.

Questions? Email or call 301.770.2727.



  • 10 children including the birthday child

  • Two (2) BOLT safety supervisors

  • Paper products and goody bags: choose from red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, green, or purple


  • 16 children including the birthday child

  • Three (3) BOLT safety supervisors

  • Paper products and goody bags: choose from red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, green, or purple

BIG BANG!--$465

  • 24 children including the birthday kid

  • Four (4) BOLT safety supervisors

  • Paper products and goody bags: choose from red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, green, or purple


No matter which package you choose, you can count on the following:

  • Exclusive use of the entire gym for 60 minutes

  • Supervised access to gym equipment

  • 20 minutes in the lobby for food and cake, served and cleaned up by BOLT staff

  • Paper products (i.e., cups, plates, napkins) in your choice of colors and plastic cutlery for participants

  • Apple juice, water or fruit punch for participants

  • Goody bags with a random assortment of age-appropriate items

  • Experienced, enthusiastic staff who ensure all partygoers have a great time


PIZZA: Cheese or pepperoni: $13/each

We love pizza as much as the next guy! Order as much as you'd like, but unfortunately, we cannot offer pizza at our 10am parties—our pizza makers just don’t believe in pizza for breakfast. Yeah, we can't believe it either! 

If you prefer to order your own pizza, feel free! Just let us know the day of the party. 

EXTRA GUESTS: $20/each

The more, the merrier! We understand that some party guests just can't be left out! We're happy to accommodate extra guests for an additional fee. For safety reasons, we require an 8:1 participant-to-staff ratio. If you intend to exceed this ratio, please let us at least two weeks in advance so we can add staff.

EXTRA STAFF and MOTION EDUCATION STAFF:  $60/per staff member (during hour in the gym)

We strongly believe that all birthday kids are entitled to a super special birthday celebration. We're happy to provide our specially-trained staff for any birthday child or guest(s) who requires special support. Please provide ample notice as Motion coaches are in high demand and not always available. 

QUESTIONS: Send inquiries to


We want everyone to stay safe, so please remember the following rules:

  • Clean, bare feet or INDOOR (never been worn outside) shoes in the gym.

  • No food, drinks, gum or shoes permitted in the gym.

  • Please do not climb or allow your children to stand or climb on the benches in the lobby (they are for sitting only).

  • Tie hair away from participants' eyes.

  • Clothes should be free of buckles, belts and zippers which can cut equipment (large blocks are $900 so please be careful). No hats, watches or jewelry.

  • Follow the party staff members' instructions and rules.

To make changes to your party after initial booking, please email


  • Reserving a birthday party requires a $200 non-refundable deposit.

  • If you need to change your party date and/or time, please do so at least 30 days before your scheduled party date, or be charged a $35 administrative fee.

  • Any change to your party day or time within 30 days of the party date is equivalent to a cancellation. Parties cancelled within 30 days of the party date will forfeit the deposit. If you choose to reschedule, you must pay an additional deposit.

  • Every child in the gym, excepting non-walking infants in carriers and strollers, is counted as a party guest and will be subject to the appropriate charge. We must maintain a manageable ratio of staff to children in the gym to ensure everyone's safety. If you wish to avoid additional charges for your guests' siblings, please ask their parents to entertain those children in the lobby while the party guests are in the gym.

  • The balance for your party is due at the conclusion of your party. We charge the base fee plus any additional costs (i.e., pizza, extra guests). We hire staff based on the party size, so unfortunately, if you drop below the number of children included in the party package, we will still charge the base party amount. Tips for a job well donecan be included in the payment or distributed in cash.

  • Unfortunately, we do not have a freezer for ice cream cakes.

  • Our staff will set up the entire party and clean up. We will provide paper products, utensils and drinks for the participants. In addition to bringing the birthday cake and candles, party hosts can bring food, drinks, paper products and utensils for the adult guests.


  • All parents must sign a waiver before their children are allowed in the gym. SIGN OUR WAIVER AHEAD

  • Only children above the age of ten years old can be dropped off by parents for the party.

  • All siblings of party guests, excepting non-walking infants in carriers and strollers, must remain in the lobby or be counted as a party guest and added to the cost of the party accordingly. Our staff is responsible for the safety of all children on the gym equipment and we must ensure we have an adequate ratio of staff to children. Please note that our lobby features a kids' table, children's books, and wi-fi to help parents keep children entertained.



Guests are asked to arrive no more than 5 - 10 minutes before the start of the party. Prior to entering the gym, participants will get a name tag and parents must complete our waiver form prior to participants entering the gym. 


Children should wear athletic gear with no buckles, belts, zippers or buttons (which can tear or scratch the equipment). Bring INDOOR shoes (never been worn outside or enter the gym barefoot. Hair should be tied back. Remove watches, jewelry and dangling earrings. Children should enter the gym wearing INDOOR shoes or barefoot (wiping the bottoms of their feet with baby wipes found throughout the lobby). 


Parents should supervise their children (under the age of 7) during the open gym portion of the party. Parents may wear socks or go barefoot (please wipe bare feet with baby wipes before entering the gym). 


To respect the other parties and staff members, please vacate the facility at the end of party (our staff needs to prepare for the next party). If you have any questions, please see the front desk staff.