We understand that our students leave for other sports and other reasons, so we want to make this as painless as possible. All we ask is that you set your end date AT LEAST 48 hours in advance, although feel free to set it months in advance. Be aware that when you drop, accumulated make-ups will be forfeited. If you prefer to keep your make-ups, your athlete can go on HOLD (see below) until you set an end date for the HOLD status. 

DROP A Class or hold by SETting AN END DATE

Setting an end date must be done by the end of the month; otherwise, if your student is still in the system on the 1st, our system will bill you. We ask that you set an end date AT LEAST 48 hours prior to the last day of your last month, although end dates can be set far in advance. Be careful not to mistakenly choose the wrong date. Once dropped, students might not get back into their preferred classes--especially during peak times. 


Dynamite allows students to switch from active enrollment in a class to HOLD status. While the student will lose his/her spot in class and will not longer accumulate makeups, makeups can be redeemed while on HOLD. $25/month.

Email to hello@boltparkour.com AT LEAST 48 hours prior to the 1st of the month requesting to switch from ACTIVE to HOLD. Verbal notifications are invalid. Include REQUEST FOR TRANSFER TO HOLD and the student's name in the subject line. Include the day and time of class if he/she attends more than one class per week.